Training can be defined as the process of developing staff to an agreed standard of competency so that they have the knowledge and skills to carry out their role and tasks. A planned programme for the training and development of staff is essential to ensure good practice and the provision of a quality service for residents. Without a skilled, committed and well-trained staff team care providers cannot possibly succeed in its aim is to provide high-quality care.

We believe training of care workers is the most significant investment for care providers in achieving their purpose. Once competent, experienced and qualified staff have been recruited, it is also essential to keep their skills up to date. Training should not only motivate staff, but also encourage their co-operation, imagination and personal development.
We work with training providers to ensure that the training provided comply with statutory requirements in respect of:

  1. Safe working practices to ensure that the health, safety and welfare of residents and staff are promoted and protected; this includes moving and handling, fire safety, first aid, food hygiene and infection control
  2. Enabling staff to achieve relevant qualifications in health and social care
  3. All aspects of abuse and protection of vulnerable people
  4. Risk assessments and management of risk.

Training organisations verified by Care Skills Register can use the Register to alert care providers and care workers about planned training sessions in their area. In addition the training companies can organise in-house training session for the senior staff ensuring any staff employed by the care provider are able to register as a matter of course on a nationally accredited Diploma (formally NVQ) training programme and be fully supported with this.

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